G20 Essay Competition on ‘My Vision for India’s G20 Presidency’

India Launches Essay Contest on ‘My Perspective for India’s G20 Leadership’
India is set to assume the influential G20 Presidency, which is integral in formulating global solutions and promoting unity. To engage the youth of India and encourage their active involvement, the G20 Secretariat/Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India, in partnership with MyGov, has initiated an Essay Competition on the topic ‘My Perspective for India’s G20 Leadership.’

Goal: Encouraging the Young Generation, Building a Promising Future
The main goals of the G20 Essay Competition include:

Spark the Thoughts: The competition is designed to stimulate students to express their inventive ideas and visions, while motivating them to contemplate India’s role during its G20 Presidency.
Raise Consciousness: The competition is set to inform and increase knowledge among young Indians about the country’s crucial role in global affairs during its G20 Presidency.
Promote Understanding: It is also geared towards deepening the comprehension of the G20 among young citizens of India, thereby enabling them to comprehend the multifaceted aspects and repercussions of this global forum.
Categories and Eligibility
The competition is open to Indian citizens in the following age categories:

Category A: Ages 12-14
Category B: Ages 14-16
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Selection Criteria: Pathway to Recognition
Submissions will be judged based on the following factors:

Originality of Thought and Knowledge Depth: The competition seeks essays that provide unique insights and display an in-depth understanding of the topic.

Content Quality and Pertinence: Essays should demonstrate well-researched content relevant to the topic ‘My Perspective for India’s G20 Leadership.’

Structure, Expression, and Writing Style: Entries will be reviewed for their overall structure, clarity in articulation, and effective conveyance of ideas.

Timeline: Key Dates to Keep in Mind

The G20 Essay Competition will be held within the following timeframe:
Beginning Date: June 1, 2023
Ending Date: July 31, 2023

Rewards: Acknowledging Excellence
Top entries in each category will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 each, in recognition of the participants’ exceptional vision and analytical skills.

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Rules and Regulations: Guidelines for Participating in the G20 Essay Competition
Participants need to comply with the following rules and regulations:

Eligibility: The competition is open solely to Indian citizens.

Submission: Essays must be submitted through the specified MyGov.in portal. Entries delivered through other methods will not be accepted.

Originality: Entries found to be plagiarized or copied will be immediately disqualified. The G20 Secretariat/Ministry of External Affairs has the right to publicize the winning entries.

Formatting Guidelines: Essays should be typed in an A-4 size MS Word document using Arial font for English and Mangal font for Hindi. The document should maintain a font size of 12, a 1.5″ line spacing, and be submitted in PDF format.

Profile Accuracy: Participants are expected to maintain an accurate and updated MyGov profile, as it will be utilized for communication purposes. Incomplete profiles may result in disqualification.

Dispute Resolution: The G20 Secretariat/Ministry of External Affairs will be the ultimate decision-maker in any disputes, changes, or issues concerning the competition, with their decision considered final and binding.

Updates and Changes: Participants are tasked with staying informed about any modifications in the rules, technical requirements, or evaluation standards, which will be posted on the MyGov platform.

Copyright and Verification: Upholding Integrity

Participants must comply with copyright laws and follow the guidelines laid out by the Indian Copyright Act 1957. The G

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