Updation in OASIS and filling up the details of permitted sections

(Note: For accurate official information, please refer to the PDF document attached at the bottom of this article.)

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a letter to schools regarding the updation of OASIS and filling up the details of permitted sections. Schools can use OASIS, which stands for Online Affiliated Schools Information System, to manage their affiliation-related activities, including applying for affiliation, submitting examination-related data, and updating their school information.

The following steps can be followed to fill up the details of permitted sections in OASIS:

  1. Log in to the OASIS portal using the school’s affiliation number and password.
  2. Click on the “Academic” tab and select “Sections” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on the “Add Section” button to add a new section.
  4. Fill in the details of the section, such as the section name, class, and number of students.
  5. Click on the “Save” button to save the section details.

It is important for schools to ensure that the data being submitted on OASIS is correct, as no corrections will be allowed from this year onwards. CBSE has issued new rules for CBSE registration for class 9 and class 11 students to appear for their board exams, and no corrections will be allowed from this year onwards. Schools should upload the photographs and signature of their bonafide students, and the full names of all the teachers should be filled in OASIS and not abbreviations.

In case schools are running fewer sections than what was granted in the letter issued in the grant letter/upgradation letters, they still have to apply in the SARAS portal for section increase. However, no fee will be applicable in such cases. Schools can correct/update the data in the OASIS, and in case they want to increase the number of sections, they may go to the SARAS portal (CBSE Affiliation unit) and complete the process as per the rules and regulations.

In conclusion, schools should ensure that they are following the correct procedures while filling up the details of permitted sections in OASIS. They should also ensure that the data being submitted is correct, as no corrections will be allowed from this year onwards. In case schools want to increase the number of sections, they may go to the SARAS portal and complete the process as per the rules and regulations.

You can view the official PDFs here https://www.cbse.gov.in/cbsenew/documents//Updation_OASIS_filling_permitted_sections_29082023.pdf

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25 thoughts on “Updation in OASIS and filling up the details of permitted sections

  1. No of students’ entries done per section
    But as per CBSE skill subject list
    CBSE has not made changes means Physical Activity Trainer and Electronic and Hardware subject is not mentioned in senior secondary scroll down list of subjects and our students have taken now how to enter that please make changes this is common problem for all the CBSE schools.
    Secondly we deleted those entries of teachers who left the school and added new appointed teachers and accordingly there was change in time table and different subjects are allotted again

  2. I am not able to enter 37 students for class xi. The OASIS shows maximum permissible value exceeded for class xi. I could not understand the problem..
    Please clarify…

  3. The students of class 9 have come in class 10, so I request you to increase the number in class 10. On the OASIS portal class 10 is not accepted. Kindly help. Our first batch will be appearing for the board exam in 2024.
    I had been writing mails for last many days continuously but did not receive any reply till date.
    I am filling this form with a hope to get my work done.
    another problem which I am facing is that my login credentials for class 10 is showing incorrect whereas I have written and its correct as per my knowledge.
    Kindly help me to sort out these issues

  4. We have read all the instructions and circulars carefully. We assure you that we have always followed the guidelines issued by CBSE and adhered to the timelines and will continue to do so .

  5. Dear Admin,
    As per your notification, We are supposed to go to the Academic Tab in OASIS to add a new/increase section But in Academic Tab there is no such section to increase/dropdown options are available to select. In this section, “select subjects that your school offered” option is shown. At the same time in Student’s Detail also trying to update but not able to save. As the last date to increase section is today, kindly guide us on priority. Thanking You

  6. In july 2023 we have 162 students were taken admission and uploaded in the OASIS form in students detail but after result of supplementary exam 2023, now its 240 students has take admission in our school.So We tried to give correct data of students in the OASIS it shown as maximum permissible value exceeded for class 11.
    Therefore,I requested to you, kindly give suggestions for correction.
    Affiliation no.2220020

  7. Dear Sir,
    We are unable to update the OASIS portal for the increase in the no of sections for class X. We have been granted Renewal of Affiliation w.e.f. 01-4-2023 with 3 section of Class IX and class X two sections. However, this year 2023-24 the no of section for Class X are three as last year Class IX had 03 sections. We have also applied through SARAS for the increase in section for Class X on the 28th of July and have paid the required fees of Rs. 75000/- through Credit Card. We have been checking the progress panel of SARAS on a daily basis for the letter of grant Approval for the 3rd section.
    You are therefore, humbly requested to please let us know our status for the increase in section for class X at your earliest.

  8. Dear Sir, As per Your direction in OASIS, There is no Add section & Save in any Tab.
    Already Aff.Unit granted 28 sections. NO. Of Students is not accepting in Xth in this year. There are 6 sections in IXth in previous session. Automatically It will be appear in Xth 2024. It is not accepting.

  9. Respected Sir,
    Subject: Section Increase (Affiliation No. 1031115 & School Code – 51087)
    Thank you for your prompt response and cooperation. We have attempted to follow the steps you provided for filling out the permitted sections in Oasis, but have been unsuccessful. Could you please provide further guidance on how to upload additional sections? We would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. Thanking you in advance
    Yours Faithfully
    Principal, St. Theresa’s School, Betul

  10. Dear sir
    We have filled the information about teachers in OASIS sheet. But not aspecting the system. Please help us soon. The message coming in the computer is that TGT/ pGT information not updated in oasis on not teaching class 10. Please fill the information first and select class taught correctly.

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