CBSE Issues Guidelines for Teacher Relieving During Board Examinations

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has recently released a set of guidelines for the relieving of teachers during the upcoming Board Examinations. The guidelines, outlined in a letter addressed to the heads of schools affiliated with CBSE, emphasize the importance of ensuring zero error evaluation and the need for the devotion, sincerity, and availability of quality evaluators during the evaluation process.


The Board Examinations are scheduled to take place from February 15, 2024, to April 2, 2024. In preparation for the examinations, the CBSE has identified the need to reinforce the quality of evaluation in Science and Social Science for Class X. To achieve this, the board has decided to depute specific teaching staff to assist the evaluators in these subjects.

Guidelines for Evaluation

The guidelines specify that one PGT/TGT (teaching/having qualifications in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) and one PGT/TGT (teaching/having qualifications in Geography, History, Economics, Political Science) will be assigned as AHE (Evaluators) to support the evaluation process in Science and Social Science. Additionally, the number of answer books to be evaluated has been fixed at 20 per day in main subjects and 25 in remaining subjects to allow for sufficient time for quality evaluation.

Capacity Building and Support

To further support the evaluation process, the CBSE has developed guidelines for each functionary involved in the evaluation and proposed various capacity building programs. These programs are designed to ensure that all evaluators are well-prepared and equipped to carry out their responsibilities effectively. Furthermore, the board plans to provide short videos for last-minute updates, enhancing the support available to the evaluators.

Relieving of Teachers

During the evaluation period, which is expected to span approximately 10-12 days from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, teachers will be required to devote full attention to the evaluation process. Each evaluator is expected to evaluate 20/25 answer books within an 8-hour duration and will not be permitted to leave the Spot Evaluation Centre before the closing time.

School Responsibilities

In line with these guidelines, all schools (Principals & Management) are directed to immediately relieve their teachers as per the instructions received from the respective Regional Office. Teachers are to be relieved for the full duration of the evaluation of their subject, and the relieving certificate must be issued accordingly. Any deviation from these directions will be considered an act that could compromise the evaluation process and may attract serious penal action by the Board. In conclusion, the CBSE’s guidelines for the relieving of teachers during the upcoming Board Examinations underscore the board’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards of evaluation. By implementing these guidelines, the CBSE aims to uphold the integrity and quality of the examination process, ultimately benefiting the students and the education system as a whole.

You can view the official PDFs here: https://www.cbse.gov.in/cbsenew/documents/Relieving_Teachers_Evaluation_08022024.pdf

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