Circular regarding Verification of online applications of Single Girl Child Scholarship 2023 

(Note: For accurate official information, please refer to the PDF document attached at the bottom of this article.)

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) provides the Single Girl Child Scholarship to single girl child students of CBSE affiliated schools who have passed class X from the school affiliated with CBSE with 60% marks in the first five subjects. The scheme was started by the CBSE in 2006. Online applications are invited from eligible candidates for the Single Girl Child Scholarship 2023 and Single Girl Child Scholarship 2022 (Renewal 2023). Candidates can apply directly through the Scholarship portal available on the CBSE website. Schools are requested to go through the guidelines of Single Girl Child Scholarship X-2023, available on the CBSE website, and process the online application submitted by their students.Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The Single Girl Child passed class X from the School affiliated with CBSE and pursuing her education at class XI and XII in CBSE affiliated schools.
  2. The girl students who are the only child of their parents and who have scored 60% or more marks (in first five subjects) in class X are eligible for the award of scholarship.
  3. Monthly tuition fee should not exceed Rs.1,500/- pm in Class X and 10% enhancement for Class XI & XII.
  4. The Scholarship awarded shall be renewed for a period of one year i.e. successful completion of class XI and student have scored 5% or more marks in Class XI and promoted to class XII.
  5. The scholarship shall be awarded to Indian Nationals only.
  6. NRI applicants of the Board are also eligible for the award. The tuition fee for the NRIs has been decided maximum of Rs.6,000/- per month.
  7. A Scholar, under the scheme, while Availing scholarship can also enjoy other concession(s) given by the school in which she is studying.

The candidates may apply online for the Single Girl Child Scholarship, and the schools will verify the application forms of the students of their school. The CBSE has a Scholarship portal wherein the schools may log in and verify the applications.Schedule of Submission & Processing Single Girl Child Scholarship X-2023 online application:

  1. School can log in through the link provided at httpa://cbse.gov.in -> scholarship.
  2. Enter the school’s existing credentials as used for various examination activities.
  3. After login, a list of applications will be shown of the applicant’s belonging to the school.
  4. Check the details of the applicant and select Approved or Rejected, as the case may be, after proper verification of the application against the scholarship eligibility guidelines.
  5. Upon updating the status, the same will be visible to the applicant.
  6. Once the details are verified and status updated, further changes cannot be made.
  7. Students can also follow up with the school in case the application is being shown pending.

Note: No offline application/hardcopy of the request for scholarship will be accepted.

The guidelines of the scheme are available on the CBSE website under the scholarship portal. The schools are advised to motivate their Single Girl Child students who fulfill the eligibility criteria to apply online for the scholarship.

In conclusion, the Single Girl Child Scholarship is an excellent initiative by the CBSE to support the education of single girl children. The online application process and verification by schools make it easy for eligible candidates to apply and receive the scholarship. Schools are advised to go through the guidelines carefully and verify the applications submitted by their students to ensure that deserving candidates receive the scholarship.

You can view the official PDFs here :


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